Iconic San Francisco Portrait Location Shoot [Sasha + Zaya, Wallenberg High]{BFFs}

Besties Sasha and Zaya are a pair to behold in this BFFs shoot framed against some of San Francisco’s most iconic locations. First, the Golden Gate Bridge, a landmark known around the world, sets the mood of the background as Sasha and Zaya huddle together on a windy Marshall’s Beach (which had an unusually high tide that day, let me tell ya!). The session takes us to The Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District. There, the girls were a dream in their flowing dresses composed against Greco-Roman inspired architecture and a lagoon kissed by the setting sun’s golden rays.


Looking for your own customized on location shoot? My clients have the opportunity to have a stylized senior portrait session practically anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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